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(nel cuore di) Venezia (nel cuore)


Size: 13 x 39,5 cm /5,1  x 15,5 inch

Technique: 3 colors – Screenprinting

Paper: Fabriano colore 220gr

Publication: 2015

Pages: 12

Edition: 70

Binding: Leporello

By Carlotta di Stefano

The book (Nel cuore di) Venezia (nel cuore) is Carlotta di Stefano’s answer to her pupils’ questions. She is a Swiss illustrator and a middle school teacher that decides to show her pupils in Canton Ticino what makes her new city unique, and a city that she loves. Venice is shaped like a fish; it is built on water and it is placed across a group of small islands that are connected by bridges; sometimes it is flooded by acqua alta, high tide; and so on… She decides to deal with simple, but very insightful, themes. A helping hand for those who have never stepped into Venice and have trouble visualizing it.

This art piece has been crafted in Venice at DoppioFondo Lab.
Numbered and printed by hands.

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