Si fanno mute le trombe di Gabrielli/ Gabrielli’s trumpets are muted


Size: 35 x 25 cm / 13,7 x 9,8 inch

Technique: 3 screenprinting 2/ colors, 1 poetry  printed using mobile characters/ art folder

Paper: Fabriano Rosaspina 280 gr

Publication: 2019

Edition: 55

After the “disaster” of the Aqua Granda (High water) , we found ourselves wondering what had happened and we wondered while having it in front of us, because it was too huge for us that destructive force that was difficult to understand. He had impressed us in the most intimate of feelings and emotions. We struggled to distinguish the boundary between possible and impossible. We decided to give up. It was all true. Only now the look couldn’t lean forward. Only with our hands did we test this story of technological monsters and deceptions as only the blind can do. Hence the idea of this folder “Gabrielli’s trumpets are muted” so as not to forget.

Three artists Vanessa Milan, Costanza Gianquinto and Michela Zalunardo and a poet Francesco Giusti, together to express in images and words the fear and yet the determinedness not to let themselves be overcome by the sadness and pain of seeing the city so wounded. Together to react with their art for Venice.

Screen prints and poetry  are not attached to each other.

This art piece has been crafted in Venice at DoppioFondo Lab. Artist and numbered signed prints


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