Landscapes for writings


Size: 12 x 12 cm

Technique: 3 colores- Screenprinting

Paper: Fabriano colore 220gr

Publication: 2017

Edition: 100

Binding: leporello


by Vanessa Milan

Paesaggi per Scritture is a book and a source of inspiration if you are seeking for a setting or you are seeking inspiration from images. Browsing through the book, it is possible to contemplate a changing landscape: a mountain becomes the sea, the sea becomes lawn, the lawn becomes the countryside and so on.
Our silent book inspired the Venetian poet Francesco Giusti, who wrote a poem. Then we decided to add a small envelope to our book called “words to use,” which holds fragments of the poem, which can be used as a suggestion to tailor the book with acollage. In this way, the reader is turned into a writer, an inventor, a performer.

This art book has been crafted in Venice at DoppioFondo Lab.
Numbered and printed by hands.


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