Traditional venetian boats


Size: 50×70

Technique: 2 colors – Screenprinting

Paper: Fabriano Ingres 90g

Publication: 2018

Edition: 100 copies

The traditional venetian boats is a poster made for the Regata Storica, the main event of which is the annual “Voga alla Veneta” rowing calendar. The front page is
decorated with a pattern-like motif inspired by the shapes of traditional Venetian wooden rowing boats like the bateon, gondola, peata, caorlina, etc…
The backside reveals a bitter criticism against a new kind of Venetian boat, the Ingordon. The cruise ship, i.e. the Ingordon, does not fit the page space in order
to express its obvious unsuitability.

The poster is folded

This art piece has been crafted in Venice at DoppioFondo Lab.

Artist and numbered signed prints.


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